After sales service

Have questions about usage?

"90% questions such as why hot? Why is the fire at 7? We have included it in our FAQ . For your convenience, please read FAQ first"

You think your charger is out of order?

90% of the customers who bought CTEK because the battery has already dead.
90% of customers who think that the charger is malfunction because they were charging a dead battery.
We have collected such problems. Why does red light blink? Why green light flashes? In the FAQ 
For quick and easy solution. Please read the FAQ first.
If you suspect that the charger is broken. Please try charging another car at regular battery.
Customers are resposible for shipping cost of the products claimed.

How to claim the product
Please read the warranty policy first.

1. Add LINE @ctekthai (with @ sign in front)
2. Send picture of the receipt
3. Send pictures of product serial number
4. Describe the issue
5. Record a short video clip and send to us in LINE
6. Ship the product to APRTECH. Write the issue, your name and phone number in the box.
7. Wait for us to process the claim. Usually take 2-4 weeks. We will inform you when it's ready.
8. Pick up your own products at APRTECH or transfer 100 Baht the shipping cost to us if you want us to return via EMS. Plese noted that the warrantee does not cover shipping cost.

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