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Car jumpstarter for Eco car and EVs Peak: 800A Capacity: 8000mAh/29.6WH Warrantee 1 Year

Brand : SPARK


The SPARK JS17 is a 12V car jump starter designed for eco cars and electric vehicles (EVs) with the following features:

Easy and safe to use, suitable for emergency situations.
Equipped with short-circuit protection to prevent electrical fires.
Prevents reverse polarity connection.
Features Over Discharge Protection to safeguard the battery from over-discharging.
Guards against reverse current flow during charging.
Includes Overheat Protection to prevent excessive battery heating.
Additional Features:

Can be used as a flashlight or emergency SOS light.
Comes with USB Type-C Input/Output and a DC Output port.
Compact and lightweight, weighing only 589 grams.
The SPARK jump starter is versatile and can be used with various car models, making it a reliable choice for addressing dead battery issues in various situations, whether at home, in a parking lot, or on the road, saving time and avoiding potential dangers, especially for female drivers.

It is suitable for people who frequently park their cars for extended periods, travel often, live in condos and use electric vehicles, park at home but live in condos, go camping, or run businesses related to buying and selling cars, car showrooms, service centers, and car tents.

Package Contents:

Jump Starter
Smart Clamp with an LED screen that displays battery voltage during clamping.
USB Type-C charging cable
How to Use the Jump Starter:

Do not use the jump starter if it has less than 3 battery indicator lights for extended usage.

Connect the smart clamp to the jump starter.
Attach the clamp heads firmly, ensuring the red clamp connects to the positive (+) terminal, and the black clamp connects to the negative (-) terminal of the car battery. *If the clamps are reversed, there will be a warning sound, and the LED screen on the smart clamp will flash.
Turn the ignition key.
Remove the clamp cable from the jump starter first and then disconnect the clamp heads from the battery terminals.
Charge the jump starter to a full battery.
How to Measure Battery Voltage: Connect the smart clamp to the car battery without connecting it to the jump starter. The battery voltage will be displayed on the LED screen.

How to Turn On the Flashlight:

Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn on the flashlight. Press the Power button once to switch to SOS signal flashing. Press the Power button again to switch to emergency strobe flashing. Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn off the flashlight.

Precautions and Usage Recommendations:

Charge the jump starter for at least 3 hours before first use.
Never connect the red and black clamps together as it can cause a short circuit.
Do not disassemble the jump starter.
Keep out of reach of children; it's not a toy.
Store in a dry place, away from moisture, and avoid exposure to water.
Store at normal room temperature, not exceeding 60°C.
Do not leave it in a car exposed to direct sunlight, as it can reach temperatures of up to 70°C, causing the battery to swell.
If the device swells, cracks, or leaks, stop using it immediately.
Do not turn the ignition key for more than 3 seconds.
If the jump starter fails to start the vehicle after three attempts, stop and consult a mechanic, as the issue may be related to the starter, fuel system, or engine.
Do not use the jump starter if it has fewer than 3 indicator lights (out of 4).
Only use the jump starter with 12V vehicles.
The jump starter comes with a 1-year warranty, but the warranty does not cover cases where the device is misused, not used according to the manual's instructions, or used with improper charging cables, among other conditions specified in the warranty terms.




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